Are we constantly just addressing the symptom and never the cause?

We continuously design more gadgets to “solve” our unsustainable consumption of energy and materials but is that ever going to address the root cause of our current situation?

Our insatiable thirst for “more” has lead us into an ever growing society built on materialism. As we all search for that which brings us joy and happiness, we blindly follow a path laid out for us, dictated by media, corporations and financial institutions.

I can’t help but wonder if we are asking the right questions.

Studies have shown that increased energy efficiency in industry has actually generated more economic growth, leading to more use of energy and materials rather than less. On it’s own, efficiency is counter-productive. There is no doubt that it is an essential ingredient as we transition towards sustainability but it is an empty, pointless effort if we do not begin to understand and intersect our deep addiction to consumption.

The two laws of entropy apply to all that is physical in the universe. Defining that the total amount of physical energy in the universe is limited in quality and continually deteriorating in quantity. This could be depressing if we didn’t realize that there is another energy which is not identified as physical, some may call it spiritual. This energy does not dissipate, instead the more it is used, the more it grows. The more we love, the more love grows in the universe. This makes me smile.

While I am impressed  and excited when I watching the zero carbon Britain videos and hear the results of their studies, I can’t help but feel we are addressing a symptom and not the cause. It is like we are looking out a window, desperately seeking for the solution when all we need is to turn our attention 90 degrees and shift our perspective.


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