Grow your own revolution, now.



Let’s start a revolution, from our garden. If you don’t have a garden use your balcony, window ledge, floor…anything really, there are no rules but pretty soon there might be. In some places laws have been proposed to actually make seed saving illegal! Imagine that, who would ever lobby that decision? Why would anyone want to permit us from saving our own seeds? Yet again, unfortunately, it seems that it comes down to money and the fact that some people out there just can’t get enough of the stuff. It is what their whole existence revolves around. Money.

Corporations want to own seeds, they want to take from nature all that they can and put a company stamp on it so they can call it their own. Money is not nature’s currency. She can’t be bought and sold as if she was a second hand car. Nature is living, it is alive and it will continue to live long after we are dead and buried in her earth.

So, how do we honour nature while at the same time sending a powerful message to corporations that this behaviour is unacceptable? We must take growing power into our own hands. Guerilla gardening is a beautiful way to do this. Go outside in your town or city, walk around until you find a spot anywhere that is an unused piece of property with growing potential. Get some organic seeds, preferably something that is edible and start your own revolution. It’s that simple and best conducted after sundown as it is most likly illegal.

Obviously growing your own food at home, at an allotment or in a community garden is at the core to forming your own rebellion against GMO’s and gaining untilmate food security. This also makes sure that you are not ingesting food that may be slowly killing you. I mean who wants that? Not me . I’ll be in the non-killing food isle, thanks.

Empower yourself, empower your children, empower your community and stand up for your own right to grow healthy, organic, fresh foods. This is your sovereign right, take it, don’t let this pass you by, don’t just sit back and think someone else will do it. Be the change, take control and make decisions now that will ensure our future and the future of our children. If we loose our right to grow our own food we loose everything. Be the example, lead and be absolved knowing that you have done all that you could.

Just, grow. Now.


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