The feline in the female.

What is the deeper meaning behind the connection with women and their feline counterparts?

A cat can be fiercely independant while still remaining domesticated. They don’t even have to do much, they lounge about, signal when they want to be fed and when they want your attention. These feline creatures carry an agedness about them, like they have seen the rise of fall off civilizations while calmly perched upon their throne.

They have a stare that says, “I see you, I see who you are…and I’m not impressed”. I guess you would have to be pretty impressive though, so don’t feel bad. Cats have had quite the history, from being dieties in ancient Egypt to being demonic in Medieval times. They have seen it all.

Cats are not pack animals like dogs are. When there is a dog in the house, the owner is King, the owner is honored and the owner is always the alpha male, the leader of the pack. When there is a cat in the house, the owner is, well, no body.

So why the deep bond between feline and female? It is as if there is a clear and obvious link between the two, but no one quite knows what exactly it is. There is a wisdom that some cats possess that is clear when you look in their eyes, it is not a wisdom that comes from books, it is a clear intutive antenna with a direct line to the ether. I have encountered some women like this from time to time, they manage to be equally scary as they are intersting and rarely own cats.



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