It’s not dirt…it’s soul.


Our soil that is alive, our soil that is breathing, our soil that holds history, wars, death and loves. It is filled with stories from our past and buried deep within its depts are ancient tribes and nations who rose rightously, only to fall, crashing down upon the land as their legs gave way beneath them.

How can we, even for a moment, forget to honor the history held within our earth, our land, the ground that hold us and soil that feeds us? Don’t you think we hold the responsibility and the right for our children to grow up in a world where they are empowered with a deep, deep respect for, dirt.

It is because of soil that trees grow roots and it is because of trees that we are living, breathing beings. It is because of soil that seeds grow into healthy, nutrient rich foods, connecting and indebting us to the earth once more. It is because of soil, we drink clean, pure, naturally filitered water.

The thing is, it’s not just about the word dirt anymore. It’s about the fact the we, as humans are a part of and not separate from nature, we are nature. We are not exempt from living and dying just as all of nature, lives and dies. This is the natural law and in the eyes of natural law, we are all equal, money bears no meaning, status holds no ground, materialism is futile in the game of life and death.

People who see themselves as seperate from nature, pretend that they will never grow old, as if growing old is something to hide. How ridiculous! what has happened to us? Just as we separate ourselves more and more from nature, what we are really separating ourselves from, is ourselves. Just as soil holds our nations history, lines on our face hold the most intimate untold stories of war, love and death. Our inherent truths, who we are at our core, in our purest form. We are singular, transparent and free. Believing that we are separate and creating a false sense of duality, clouds the mind and blinds the heart.

The thing is, it’s not about the word “dirt” anymore. Its about the word, soul. And the closer we get to dirt, the further we get from soul.



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