Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.

“What do you mean you don’t drink!?” The look of disgust so intensly confused, trying drastically to figure out, what exactly, is “wrong” wih you.

Was it an alcoholic parent? Or maybe abuse…I always knew there was something odd about her, she probably has a history of some type of addiction… poor child. She’s even less fun now.

One in four deaths in Ireland is directly attributed to alcohol.

Why do we need to numb ourselves, constantly? Consistently numbing and dumbing down a global population of men, women and children. We hide behind the bottle and the capitalists are laughing. Another round, anyone?

Alcohol is a factor in half of all suicides in Ireland.

If you want freedom, liberatation, independence and not co-dependence, then any reliance on any system outside of yourself is a trapping. To see and understand this is the beginning of an intimate and personal journey to individual freedom.

Question life. Question status quo. Question why you do what you do. Feel good, feel righteous, feel empowered about your decisions on life. Feel that your choices and actions are a direct representation of who you are and what you stand for, because they most certainly are. So, take your time, choose wisely. Be an example of truth, honesty and generosity and most of all empower those who need it most. Stand in the truth of who you are and have no fear to start again.




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