Learning Life.

What does it mean to live, to really be alive and living instead of simply existing?

No one ever teaches you how to live. We are born, we are toilet trained, we are expected to know what it is, we want to be, when we “grow up”. This is what we believe “living” is all about.

“Mammy” the nappy wearing, soother sucking tot said, “I want to be….(thinking) I want to be…happy!!” The tot looks proud with his discovery but soon comes to realise this is not met with equal joy and encouragement from his “Mammy” as she wipes the drool from his chin.

“Yes…” She says..”But, what do you want to BE?” As if just being a child there and then wasn’t enough.

We don’t know what is it to truly live because we are too busy trying to “BE” someone, creating a false sense of identity that gives a false sense of security in a false, cookie cutter, cut out and colour, life. As if just being who you are, isn’t enough.

Learning how to live isn’t about planning and carving a life and identity that you think will make your parents proud, your peers envious and you rich, is it?

Living is right now. In this very moment, I am all that I am and that is enough, it is honest and pure and humble. In our desire for success and material gain we have forgotten our true nature, we have forgotten what is truly means to be human. To love. To feel compassion, consideration and kindness. To share. To chat to our neighbours. To accept people, just the way they are. When we stop trying to “BE” something or someone, we can just be real, drop the walls, drop the facade, drop falsities, cliches, comparisons and competition and know what it truly means to really be alive.



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