The feline in the female.

What is the deeper meaning behind the connection with women and their feline counterparts? A cat can be fiercely independant while still remaining domesticated. They don’t even have to do much, they lounge about, signal when they want to be fed and when they want your attention. These feline creatures carry an agedness about them, like they have seen the rise of fall off civilizations … Continue reading The feline in the female.

It’s not dirt…it’s soul.

  Our soil that is alive, our soil that is breathing, our soil that holds history, wars, death and loves. It is filled with stories from our past and buried deep within its depts are ancient tribes and nations who rose rightously, only to fall, crashing down upon the land as their legs gave way beneath them. How can we, even for a moment, forget … Continue reading It’s not dirt…it’s soul.

Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.

“What do you mean you don’t drink!?” The look of disgust so intensly confused, trying drastically to figure out, what exactly, is “wrong” wih you. Was it an alcoholic parent? Or maybe abuse…I always knew there was something odd about her, she probably has a history of some type of addiction… poor child. She’s even less fun now. One in four deaths in Ireland is … Continue reading Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.