Sustainability and Garden Design

When we begin to design a garden we have many decisions to make. It is good to stop first and ask ourselves, why are we designing and what the life cycle of the design shall be? What principles are important to us, what impact shall our design have and how can we communicate this through our garden designs? As designers we make choices that directly … Continue reading Sustainability and Garden Design

Are we constantly just addressing the symptom and never the cause?

We continuously design more gadgets to “solve” our unsustainable consumption of energy and materials but is that ever going to address the root cause of our current situation? Our insatiable thirst for “more” has lead us into an ever growing society built on materialism. As we all search for that which brings us joy and happiness, we blindly follow a path laid out for us, … Continue reading Are we constantly just addressing the symptom and never the cause?

Yoga: The gateway drug?

Has yoga become the pot smoking teenager of spiritual practice? Many people nowadays who take yoga classes do so for physical benifits alone, they haven’t heard of Pantanjali or care much for the Pradipika, they would like to tone up and fit back into their old pair of favourite jeans. There is nothing wrong with this. Everyone is walking their own path and they have … Continue reading Yoga: The gateway drug?

I am a stranger, on the most familiar street.

  I have recently returned home to the place that I grew up, after almost 10 years. There are often moments when I am alone that I feel like a stranger in my own town, a foreigner in this country that is home to my parents and my home, once again. There are screams from football supporters which attack the innocent ears of passerbys as … Continue reading I am a stranger, on the most familiar street.

Does a yogi, do yoga?

  From what I have been told by my teacher, not my yoga teacher but my old Burmese meditation teacher, is that a yogi is “one who puts in continuous and couragous effort”. Continuous and Couragous Effort. What does this mean? Effort in what? From my understanding this teacher was talking about the continuous effort that a yogi must put into their daily lives to … Continue reading Does a yogi, do yoga?

Grow your own revolution, now.

  G.I.Y Let’s start a revolution, from our garden. If you don’t have a garden use your balcony, window ledge, floor…anything really, there are no rules but pretty soon there might be. In some places laws have been proposed to actually make seed saving illegal! Imagine that, who would ever lobby that decision? Why would anyone want to permit us from saving our own seeds? … Continue reading Grow your own revolution, now.

The feline in the female.

What is the deeper meaning behind the connection with women and their feline counterparts? A cat can be fiercely independant while still remaining domesticated. They don’t even have to do much, they lounge about, signal when they want to be fed and when they want your attention. These feline creatures carry an agedness about them, like they have seen the rise of fall off civilizations … Continue reading The feline in the female.

It’s not dirt…it’s soul.

  Our soil that is alive, our soil that is breathing, our soil that holds history, wars, death and loves. It is filled with stories from our past and buried deep within its depts are ancient tribes and nations who rose rightously, only to fall, crashing down upon the land as their legs gave way beneath them. How can we, even for a moment, forget … Continue reading It’s not dirt…it’s soul.